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The Grizzley World Collection by Tee Grizzley

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The world-famous rapper from Detroit Tee Grizzley dropped his first-ever NFT Collection on May 1st. Titled ‘The Grizzley World Collection’, this NFT drop is to commemorate the release of his album “Built For Whatever”. The collection by Tee Grizzley features a unique double-sided virtual chain and pendant (inspired by Tee Grizzley’s staple chain) as well as three golden tickets with incredible perks. The owners of them will get lifetime access to the rapper’s GTA server and a lifetime pass to any Tee Grizzley concert! By the way, the owner of the chain will also get lifetime access to Grizzley’s GTA server. And! A personalized avatar version of the chain to be worn on characters during gameplay! No matter whether you are a fan of Tee Grizzley or not, check his NFT collection out! It’s really worthy of your attention!My first NFT The Grizzley World Collection drops tomo 5/1 at 3pm ET‼️ it comes wit special access into my server and shows so get ready gang pic. twitter. com/Iz0G9wZrSr— Tee Grizzley Black Chaldean (@TeeGrizzley) April 30, 2021

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