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The First Step, The Setback, Together We Go Further by Engwind

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Øyvind Engevik aka Engwind is a CG Artist from Norway, based in Bergen. He has many years of experience in CG so you can be sure that his artworks are just super professional both from a technical and a meaningful point of view. The First Step begins with a call. It is the call for adventure and a better future that all the creative souls are striving for. The artist believes that NFTs are a rallying call for creatives, and his piece of art is of a much bigger mosaic, the collective dream. The Setback is another piece of art by Engwind. On the way to creating a better world, there will be obstacles. Setbacks will hinder and keep us in check. Despite the fact that the path isn’t easy, we should always remember that we are in this together. We’ll ride our own cars with our own brands and we are going to win. We are definitely going to win. “The digital revolution is here. I am ready. Will you join me?” – asks the creator. So what, will you join on the 4th of March?gallery columns=2 size=large ids=291,292

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