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The famous mural nft

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Stay Safe artwork was created by Pony Wave in 2020 as an original design for the famous mural on Venice Beach, California.In the middle of March 2020, Pony painted the mural Stay Safe in Venice beach featuring a masked couple leaning in for a kiss, and it immediately went viral and become a voice of strength to Covid- 19 Pandemic.This collection is dedicated to the time of the global pandemic.The original design and mural were an inspirational symbol at the beginning of the pandemic and were often used in the media. Many artists repainted Stay Safe in their countries.In 2021, the US embassy in China used a reproduction of the Stay Safe on the main wall of the embassy building, where an exhibition dedicated to the global pandemic was held.The original mural is no longer exists.This collection includes an original design, a photo of a famous mural and 6 more original art works based on the theme of the Stay safe.All designs were personally drawn by Pony Wave.

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