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The Eggys

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

When?: JUNE 3RD 2022 @12PM GMT!Where?: SolSea (Please see collection link)How much?: 0.5 SOL‘The Eggys are a collection of randomly generated lil eggy cartoon characters sold on the Solana blockchain. In total there are 5,555 Eggys, and each eggy comes equipped with a random assortment of assets.The more assets you have, the more rare your Eggy is!‘The Eggys is a completely beginner friendly project, with no complicated jargon. No whitelists, no pre-market sales – no nothing! Just plain ol funny art at a price that wont break the bank!Perf-egg-t for beginners! (Yeah we are disappointed in ourselves for that one too)

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