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The Dumbs Voxel Companions

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Finn, Flea and Frenk are a trio of misfits.They arent evil. Theyre just really dumb and they dont speak much. They met each other at the school for special children. No, not that of the X-Men; there was no professor Xavier there, but a really nasty nun who beat them every day. With them, there was another special child named Ben.One day, Ben, who was a special child without superpowers but with a Kalashnikov and tons of ammos, made a big mess.The only survivors of the massacre, already not very lucid, Fin, Flea and Frenk figure to run from the institute and go back to their homes. Being completely fucked up as they are, theyve been roaming through the metaverse for 30 years.

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