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The Degenerates

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Degenerates is a crypto mining-focused NFT collection, with a return on investment of 1,5 years (75% of the funds will go to our mining facility).This 10 000 collection consists of 3 species of mutants and more than 200 traits.75% of the funds will go straight into our mining facility. We expect a return on investment of 1,5 years. This collection also acts as an access key to our exclusive 3D collection headed into the Metaverse. Here are some of our benefits:Crypto mining.We plan to invest roughly 75% of our funds in ASIC miners and set up a crypto facility. You can expect your money back in about a year and a half. In comparison to other NFTs, it is a truly risk-free investment. This topic was thoroughly discussed in our Whitepaper. If you want to read more, be sure to go there.MetaverseIn addition, this NFT will provide exclusive access to our future 3D metaverse collection. We are currently in discussions with decentraland, and we intend to host a number of events for you where we can meet, play games, and do a variety of other activities. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the internet!!!StakingWe would also like to thank you for holding our NFT. This will be accomplished by staking your NFT in our app, which is currently in development. In our store, you will be able to purchase items such as future drop discounts and whitelists.Live eventsThe Metaverse is great, but IRL events are even better. We intend to hold public gatherings with a full program. The summer gathering will take place in the United States, while the winter gathering will take place in Europe.Cool Nft artOur art is truly unique, as it consists of over 200 traits that all work flawlessly together. The degenerates are also divided into three tribes, so you don’t have to worry about each NFT looking the sameCommunityBecause the community is an important part of any project, we want to make sure that your voice is heard in ours. We will hold weekly AMAs where you can ask us anything. You can also try to improve our ideas and post them in the improvements channel afterward. We will also host a number of events in the metaverse where we will interact more closelyLaunchpadWe understand how difficult it is to find new good projects, and how even more difficult it is to get them on a whitelist. We will do the research for you and obtain valuable WL spots for our community, giving you even more value in return. We will also assist our own community with their ideas.Special skinsWe emphasized that our special skins are unique, and therefore they not only have a higher art value but also a higher benefit value. Additional benefits of our special skins include, among other things, 2x the miner NFT income, 5% royalties from the project, and a real painting of your NFT.Money-back guaranteeWe are confident that this project will sell out in a matter of minutes. We are so confident in our product that we are offering a 75% money-back guarantee on all main minted NFTs.To learn more, please visit our website or read our Whitepaper article!Fly with us to the crypto moon!

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