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The Cryptomasks

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Owning an NFT from this collection will give its owner access to an exclusive group on discord, airdrops, as well as other utilities in development! The goal of this project is to federate a community of people (beginners, advanced and experts), there to learn, share, create, build and encourage each other.Owning an NFT from the collection will allow you to get exclusive advantages such as:- Access to a group on Discord dedicated to holders, the possibility to participate in high value discussions with the experts present (crypto community admins)!- At least one airdrop per month of a token or NFT, which will have been judged promising and selected by the members of the private group. All the members of the discord will have the possibility to vote and thus choose the token or the NFT which will be sent to the winner. Indeed, on the last day of each month, a snapshot of all the holders will be made and the winner will be drawn on discord the same evening!- Other utilities will be released soon…5 Ranks :- 300/555 Common. Gives you 1 chance per airdrop to win.- 150/555 Rare. Gives you 2 chances per airdrop to win.- 75/555 Epic. Gives you 3 chances per airdrop to win.- 25/555 Legendary. Gives you 5 chances per airdrop to win.- 5/555 Mythic. Gives you 10 chances per airdrop to win.Distribution of the 555 NFTs in the collection:- 155/555 NFTs will be donated (146) or kept (8) and 1 Mythic auctioned for charity. The entire sale will be donated to a charity of the community’s choice, which accepts donations in cryptocurrencies!- 300/555 NFTs will be for sale only on whitelist!150/300 (Common) → 0.02 ETH100/300 (Rare) → 0.04 ETH45/300 (Epic) → 0.06 ETH4/300 (Legendary) → 0.12 ETH1/300 (Mythic) → 0.25 ETH- 100/555 NFTs will go on public sale!100/100 (Common) → 0.03 ETH

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