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The CryptoBrews Pub

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Every punk needs a brew.10,000 cryptobrews brewed and bottled on ethereum.The first full-scale, 100% procedurally-generated nft pub.Minting and owning a cryptobrew means you will be part of a limited community of brew enthusiasts. Once all 10,000 cryptobrews are bottled and poured (minted), our future roadmap includes exclusive beer social crypto events, plans to implement the cryptobrews pub in the metaverse, and other planned incentivesCryptobrews are first-come, first-serve with the following pricing scale:1 – 50: 0 eth (free – 1 per account)51 – 1000: 0.01 eth1001 – 3000: 0.02 eth3001 – 6000: 0.04 eth6001 – 9000: 0.08 eth9001 – 10000: 0.16 ethMust be over the age of 21 ;)Grand opening at 1:00am utc on 02/25/2022

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