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The Crypto Mafia

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

MINT live and open to all: https://thecryptomafia. io/The Crypto Mafia is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. Each has its own randomly generated combination of professional and criminal skills. We are currently developing a multiplayer game that takes place in METAVERSES with Ether Rewards for the owners of The Crypto Mafia. Mafia Members will have to create their own gang, choose a leader or make their own way. They will be able to buy and earn as rewards weapons, cars, buildings in the different Metaverses. The missions will be repeatable, and the content will be regularly enlarged and updated. Some of what will reward you in the game will end up in real life, like a luxury sports car, a luxury watch, a week in a luxury villa, etc. We want to offer a unique and unprecedented experience to our community. It is a long term investment in a real Play to Earn Game. Some missions will require several Mafia Members, for others it will be according to the professional / criminal skills of each, for example, a digger will have to do the trash to find certain important documents giving access to certain missions, a police officer can choose to track down other Mafia members or ally with them on a mission. There are no sub-skills, they all have their own future importance. MINT IS LIVE AND OPEN TO ALL on our website!To reward our most early supporters, here is the rewards system:- 1 Mafia Member = 1 Handgun generated randomly- 5 Mafia Member = 5 Handguns + 1 Randomly generated Automatic Weapon- 10 Mafia Members = 10 Handguns + 2 Automatic Weapons + 1 randomly generated car (can potentially be a luxury car)- 20 Mafia Members = 20 Handguns + 4 Automatic Weapons + 1 car + 1 Mafia Hideout (Building allowing to regroup and store equipment as well as loot. )

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