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The BlockBats Cave Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Welcome to TBCC.TBCC is the first collection of only 36 NFT’s from crypto fashion brand BlockBat, pioneers in launching an NFT collection accompanied by apparel.Unique digital collectibles hosted on the Solana blockchain. When you purchase your TBCC we will send you the unique and exclusive short sleeve t-shirt printed with your TBCC, (black or white t-shirt color to choose).Important:Only one t-shirt will be made per NFT, we will never make another one like that again, meaning it will be a unique piece made for the buyer of each TBCC.Shipments will be made worldwide.When purchasing your TBCC we will need you to contact us through the contact page of our website www.blockbatwear.com, or by email at email¬†protected, as we will need to verify that you are the owner of the collectible and we will ask you for the shipping information where you wish to receive the t-shirt.In addition, you will receive a $50 discount coupon that you can spend in our store, without expiration, you can use it when you need it or give it to someone else so they can buy any garment or accessory from our catalog.Who are the Blockbats?The Blockbats are cute bats based on our brand and belong to the Cave Club, where they spend the day analyzing the crypto market.This first collection consists of only 36 NFT’s numbered from 00 to 35 with the following rarities:Unique: TBCC-00Special: TBCC-26Legendary: TBCC-01 , TBCC-02, TBCC-03, TBCC-04, TBCC-05, TBCC-06, TBCC-07, TBCC-08, TBCC-09Epic: TBCC-10, TBCC-11, TBCC-12, TBCC-13, TBCC-14, TBCC-15, TBCC-16, TBCC-17, TBCC-18, TBCC-19, TBCC-20, TBCC-21, TBCC-22, TBCC-23, TBCC-24, TBCC-25, TBCC-27, TBCC-28, TBCC-29, TBCC-30, TBCC-31, TBCC-32, TBCC-33, TBCC-34, TBCC-35In the future, we will create a second collection with more NFTs, more rarities and exclusive advantages in our BlockBat store.This is not a Crypto Punk or Bored Aper but these BlockBats are the next step in the world of NFT’s.

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