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The Beehive

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

BackgroundA community focused project with a supply of 5555 Bees from an artist that has worked on prestigious art works, including but not limited to The Lion King at the West End in London and the Queen Bee sculpture that currently resides in LA.PurposeWorldwide bee colonies and bee populations have plummeted. This is due to but not limited to pesticides, drought, habitat destruction, global warming and more. The Beehive is set up to provide long term support by partnering with different bee charities.What you getNo, we don’t offer a game you won’t play or a token that will go to 0.We will set up a trading discord that all holders after 2 weeks will have access to. This trading discord will have premium trading bots to allow for all holders to take control of their own financial future.How to Mint27/02 @ 15:00 EST on the websiteSo come along and join The Beehive !!

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