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The Augmented Age

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Augmented AgeWhat exactly is The Augmented Age project?At its core, “The Augmented Age is a multi-disciplinary art and technology projectin which we explore a future where humans and artificial intelligence become one.With the advancement of technology, were headed towards a society where our natural abilities will be augmented by artificial intelligence.Computational systems will help us think. Robotic systems will help us make and a digital nervous system will connect us to the world far beyond what our natural nervous system can offer.However, can the augmented age lead to the human replacement age?Come find out.Live the augmented age through storytelling using various mediums, such as animated shorts stories and interactive experiences, including a metaverse.Owning one of the 1,250 Founder NFT means being part of the journey of this technological revolution.Sign up on the allowlist for a chance to mint one (Minting on March 1st):https://www.theaugmentedage.xyz/allowlist

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