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The Arcade

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Welcome to The Arcade!We are a GameFi/P2E project focused on changing the narrative and setting the standard on on what it means to play and earn, as well as transparency with our Anti-rug protocol.Currently, in a standard P2E game, you earn in-house NFT’s or an in-house ERC20 token. The problem is that unless you are BAYC with APE coin, or Axie Infinity, these earnings are useless without constant demand.We have structered a different earning structure where you will compete in a fun mini game against your fellow community members across multiple seasons. Each season will have a set number of rewards for a large bracket of players. Majoirty of the rewards are purchased from all funds from mint, but some rewards will also be put up by the founders, partnerships, and advertisers.Each game token will give a certain amount of lives to set a high score and get you eligible to earn rewards (Eth and NFT’s !).EACH TOKEN is active, valid, and to be used perpetually through all gaming seasons!This will be an unlimited mint during season 1 (1 week). This is not an NFT to flip from mint. Your tokens will give you access to playing future seasons to potentially win blue chip NFT’s including BAYC

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