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The Anarchy Project

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Anarchy Project is here and will revolutionize the way the use of NFTs. Battle with friends or against them in a strategic fashion against other anarchists in competition for accolades and rewards! Use your knowledge of the game to become victorious in battle, the more you win the more you earn. Do you have what it takes, or will the anarchy consume you?This project is going to make use of your NFTs to the max. Once you own your Anarchist, you will be able to stake your Anarchists for our in-game token, $LASSO. $LASSO will allow you to improve the overall stats and moves of your cards through the evolution process by fusing your cards. The stats and moves of your cards are random on every mint and will determine the rarity depending on what traits they have. Combine cards to build the strongest Anarchists possible!Some key game modes we plan on including are 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles. Feel free to team up with friends or go solo into the anarchy!There will be a ranking system with rewards in place based on the rank you have in the game. Inside the ranked battles, knowledge of the moves you have and knowledge of the game will be the most important commodity. Everything is not as it seems in the anarchy.Tournaments with prize pools will be set up and rewards will be distributed based on the rank achieved.The number of moves will be endless and so will the combinations so keep on the lookout for anything new and interesting.New packs of cards will come out every 2-4 weeks so stay tuned for new drops or redrops of old packs with the potential of having improved statistics!How to play and information about the game.Every card has 6 random stats: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special defense, Speed, and Health.Every move is either a Physical attack or a Special attack, each move in the game scales off of the values that the cards have the higher the values the longer status effects can be affected and the same goes for how much damage an attack will do. Vice versa for how much healing is received or how long your buffs will last.In 1v1 games the opponent with the higher speed stat will go first in 2v2s and 3v3s it will be a medium of that stat.The Moves of the Cards you have will be effective based on the stats on the card however moves can sometimes work in tandem with each other and sometimes the stats aren’t the only thing to watch out for use strategic plays to overcome your opponents the stats aren’t the only thing that matter, having a better stat card than your opponent won’t be the only thing that matters knowing what to play ahead of time and knowing what moves do what will be key in winning in any anarchy battle.The class system for characters gives each character its mainline role. Learn what those roles are and how to use those characters to become the most effective anarchist there is!

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