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The amazing Frog Company

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A private collection of 3800 Frogs living in PolygonAmazing Frog Company Born to start entering the virtual world and NFT. AmazingFrog Company living on a special and exclusive virtual island.We are big community!https://linktr.ee/The_Amazing_Frog_CompanyDiscordTwitterInstagramProject for investors profitThe first 150 frogs are not random and their buyers get another random free frog.Prices 1 – 1000 = 0.05Prices 2000 – 2500 = 0.07Prices 2500 – 3800 = 0.09====ROADMAP===10% (we return the money to those who trust us).20% we will launch the official website40% we will release 10 exclusive and random frogs to frog holders.50%as a commemoration, we raffle land on virtual island exclusively for the owners of a frog.60% we will create an animated movie (short film) of amazing frog.70% we will create an amazing frog store exclusively for members. t.a.f.co limited edition clothing. guest artist designs.85% we will open the virtual island the amazing frog, we will give land to frog owners. We will open the amazing frog island exhibition center shows- virtual graffiti – exclusive art in the nf building.100% created super frog nft and supermoscas nft. new and exclusive collection for frog members.This collection is a new idea where the nft will be mixed in the metaverse generating unique nft.Just like the Bored Ape they will have benefits, but not only that they will have a unique interaction in the Metaverse. Let’s grow as crypto punks and revolutionize. join us!!!!

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