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The Alien Crypto Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We are two young german guys wo wanted to create a special nft collection wich is real and not promising things that wont happen. We dont have the big budget like other nft projects but we want to give back as much as possible if the project will be recognized. We will have some community giveaways and our biggest goal are social engagements like donating money to cancer foundations because we all have to deal with this shit in some way. Also we want our nft holders to make money of it. Starting at a low minting price. All this is only possible if our project will blow. We want to reveal our project to a large audience. So that the project will gain attention. We want to do a giveaway on christmas eve with 3 special designed christmas nfts that will not be able to sell trough normal minting. Also another one in the first week of the new year. The giveaway amount depends on how good the launch will be. We hope you will like our project and want to have a great time with us and our project. I think we will have a great impact in the nft world with the power of you all. We hope for the best and did our best. Have a good one !

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