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The Abyss of Self by Yağız Kocabıyık

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On July 9th, surreal artist Yağız Kocabıyık drops ‘The Abyss of Self’ NFT Collection on Crypto. com. Yağız is the creator of retro-futuristic digital art. He creates retro-futuristic characters and places that do not belong to our world. The artist uses more indirect ways to reflect our reality. What does Yağız Kocabıyık say about the upcoming NFT drop on Crypto. com?I wanted to combine the various emotions and feelings in life with the self of futuristic characters that do not belong to this world. Everyone’s way of telling their story is different, I want to leave you alone with 3 different selves and thoughts. On July 9th, everyone will be able to get to know his new self through futuristic characters. It’s gonna be an exciting experience!

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