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The A.E.I.R Project

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We are the AEIR projectPre-Minting ProjectWe are an ‘Artificial Intelligence Artwork focused company, that surrounds the AR, VR, and AI spaces. We currently build artwork that connects to abstract words/emotions and well be focusing on a multitude of releases every month from now focusing on different genres such as Mythology, Art, History, Sciences, Social Opinion, and other Open non-biased Genres that speaks to society today.We are an A.I themed collection with an exclusive 100 unique NFT’s coming out every month for the next year, with a Goal of 1337 NFT’s. Every single frame is powered thru AI technology and expresses the A.I’s breakdown of each meaning layered to make in-depth pictures and videos. Combining A.I technology, art, and expression, and helping expand the technology sector of VR/AI while connecting to audiences focused on Art Collection and Expression. This community will make a change for you as a holder, trader, and for long-term growth in the Virtual Reality sector as we aim to become the very driving force of supporting local/small-time artists and creating new innovations with all kinds of people from across the world.The First 100 sales of our Legacy collection will have VIP access to all upcoming events, as well as an early reservation to new releases, access to Private Collections, and the ability to play around with newer updated AI/Machine Learning programs. All Holders will receive access to our First In-person Art Gallery and Auction.(There are further tiers of access within our AEIR Club for more information check out our Discord above)Roadmap:50% goes to support our Artists30% AEIR Club Events (including in-person, discord events and A.I Art Workshops)15% goes towards tokenized expansion and environmental impact – environmental charity5% goes to a community-chosen charity every monthOur first event is on Aug 22nd in ‘to be announced Art Gallery Toronto, Ontario

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