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The ОxGeekbots Social Experiment

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

9,000 art-loving bots who left Planet Manus Adamas for one cause: supporting talented Earthlings by onboarding them on the NFT and Web 3. 0 spaceship. After our launch, we’ll be spending 1 ETH per week for a year to kickstart the careers of new artists. Holders will vote on whom to support through a DAO. Roadmap:1. 25% of mint and 50% of secondary sales revenue will go to a community wallet. 2. At 10% sales, we will begin our community-led effort to purchase NFTs. 3. Creation of a DAO where holders will have voting power. 4. Raffling of NFTs purchased to holders. 5. Creation of Clubs for discord competitions. . . 6. Monthly airdrops of 1-2 NFTs to holders with delisted NFTs

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