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Teddy Dawg #HellaHood

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

As people who see standard NFT projects that have become monotonous with animals and environmental sensitivity on the market and think that better projects should raise awareness by supporting more critical problems, we will achieve our initial goals and many other good things together with this community that we will create with you.ㅤㅤWe are a group of people who are aware of the systematic impoverishment and exclusion carried out throughout the world, especially in the United States. We are against this cruel order and those who establish this order, the only differences of which are that they exclude people with skin color, push them into the lower segments, impoverish them and incite them to crime. In order to support the people who are fighting this, we have launched the Teddy Dawg project.ㅤㅤWe will donate 12% of the profits made through this project to the organization where we can fight Racism shoulder to shoulder through NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and similar organizations. We will give teddy bears as gifts to the kids who never had a toy in their life. Our goal is to raise awareness and support them both financially and spiritually for people who have never had the opportunity to live their childhood and for children who will never have toys. With the wish that all children be able to live their childhood.

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