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Tactical Turtles

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Tactical Turtles is a collection of 1000 unique turtles living on the Solona Blockchain. We are a community driven project with goals of donating 10% + of all revenue to charities that remove rubbish from oceans, clean beaches and charities that work with turtles specifically. We have a list of charities including Team Seas, SeaturtleOP & Gumbo Limbo Nature Centre that holders will decide to which we donate to. We are a team of 6 people who are highly experienced in the crypto space and have invested a large amount of time and effort into this project. We intend on bringing this project greatly into the future. We have plans to launch a second collection of Polluters in which they will be the villains in our story. We would appreciate hugely the use of your launchpad as it would save us a large amount of time as we plan on releasing the project very soon. Thank you for your time!

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