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T7nfts $7

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Track seven | perspectivesPre-sale now!Track seven net coming soon..With the t7 net app, nft holders will gain access to register as a t7 creator and combine nfts to build unreleased music from different perspectives.* each pre-released nft will be frozen with an access key to register your account with the t7network upon application release (tbd)* nft access key is unique for each nft and must be held within the wallet to authorize the t7 registration before trading the nft.* nft ownership is solely within the contents of the nfts and not the specific content the nft gives the holder access to.* transferring a nft also transfers ownership to the wallet receiving it* transferring a nft does not transfer the t7 account ownership* t7 accounts have lifetime access to the content of every nft own, even after trading them^subject to transparently change as needed while t7 net goes through its development stage.

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