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Sushis NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Sushis is a collection of 10000 unique sushis with real world utility. We are growing a strong community that will have long term benefits.Phase 1It’s here that we’ll build our community, prepare for the launch and finally drop the nft.Phase 2Once the launch is a success we will partner with retaurants and chefs, to set-up exclusive deals for our holders which includes first chance bookings, discounted/free meals. While further promoting Sushis for greater awareness.Phase 3We’ll develop our $FOODIE token. This will allow holders to gain further benefits. All holders will automatically start earning $FOODIE tokens once it is developed. These tokens will allow for payments to partnered restaurants and all future food and travel projects developed.Phase 4Automatic staking will be initiated, with holders receiving a percentage of $FOODIE tokens based on the revenue the project and the rarity of their NFT. Coming from a team of crypto miners, we will be reinvesting the funds back into the project by expanding our mine and provide all holders with a passive income equivalent to 30% of all revenue from the project (which includes nft sales, sponsorships and funds from investments etc.Phase 5Once sushis has seen it’s success we’ll develop chain projects with similar themes, offering utility in other areas of the travel and food industry.

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