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Super Marx NFT Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

THE PEOPLE STORYSuper Marx NFT is a one-off collection of 5000 NFTs that will only mint once.Karl Marx was the father of revolutionary socialist ideas, presenting his work through The Communist Manifesto. He had a dream to bring about a system of popular democracy; shred wealth. He would have been a huge fan of NFTs, especially ours.We want to create a direct democracy in the metaverse.Our NFT project is an ode do that fact, and a step towards creating the very first half-fictional, half-historical metaverse. Well be using the funds from the project for research and development into the first DAO government system in the metaverse. Karl would be proud!Holders of our NFTs will be given the unique opportunity to help us to develop our Komintern DAO project and have a hand in deciding the future of our Soviet. As a holder, youll be able to govern the metaverse alongside other community members.Were giving the people what theyre owed.Our news NFT concept is based on giving revenue to holders in as many ways as we can. Well be sharing profits amongst our holders, by redistributing 15% of our raised funds into a community wallet, and guaranteeing a monthly income into our holders wallets.But it doesnt end there.Our Super Marx project is only the first addition to the Komintern Project. Weve got more on the way, and you wont want to miss them.Stay alert! The revolution is coming!*This project is satirical; it does not promote or defend an ideology._________Well only be releasing 200 whitelist spots, with presale mint available at 0.04 ETH, and a cap of 1000 NFTs. Gaining a spot on our Super Marx whitelist will also grant you access to a whitelist spot for all future Komintern projects.Public mint will have a price of 0.06 ETH. Across both presales and public mint, well be giving away NFT prizes to our most interactive and supportive members on Discord and social media.

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