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Sunsets & Sunrises

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Baldock family’s Sunset Collection is a collection of sunsets photos captured by Visual artists Mark & Natalie. All shots are rare moments in their lives that cannot be recaptured or relived. Only developing the greatest shots into Digital art and using 50% of all auctioned proceeds to donate to charities. All charities will be promoted through our business and YouTube Channel. These artworks will be the rarest of the rare as we will only Auction off 1 item per month If you are looking for high-value items these will be on top of your list as our goal is to be the most expensive NFT Ever Auctioned This will allow us to help charities from all over the world and create a legacy for our children and family. You can be part of this art revolution by owning a moment or lifetime of images and helping change the direction of thousands of lives in the process.Auction Date TBA

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