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Subliminal Decay by Dizzy Viper

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On May 7th, a 3D visual artist from Italy Dizzy Viper is dropping the ‘Subliminal Decay’ NFT collection on Crypto. com. Dizzy Viper is a very diligent artist. Since 2017, he has been making one 3D artwork every single day. Dizzy Viper has a huge fan base and is a strong motivation and big inspiration to many artists. “Whatever I feel like that day, and that’s why I think every single piece portraits a day in my life” – tells Dizzy Viper. ‘Subliminal Decay’ is a collection of different forest artwork in different styles by Dizzy Viper. It’s an exploration of the variety of possible artworks with the same theme. Do not miss the drop!

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