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Stupid Dogs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Stupid Dogs are 3333 unique utility NTFs that are meant to develop Gardenlab.io, which is the first polygon only oriented NFT marketplace.We are organising a PUBLIC PRESALE of 333 S.D. before the PUBLIC MINT. You can get whitlisted by joining the discord and becoming an active member of the community !Holding one of those NFTs offers various benefits like a passive income. 50% of the royalties are given back to holders. The more you hold, the more your earn.A Stupid Dog NFTs allow you to have less fees when trading NFTs on Gardenlab.io.If you hold a male and a femlle S.D, you can give birth to a Stupid Puppie, it’s the breeding system ! Stupid Puppies is last collection created and powered by Gardenlab.io.Last but not least, being a Stupid Puppie holder will give you the possibilty to earn a Gardenlab Membership Card, which grants you free access to all IRL event organised by Gardenlab, but you also get free merch and private giveaways.

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