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StoneyNFT – A Stoner’s Utility NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Stoney NFT was created to bring attention towards the Non-Fungible Token community for the consumers and lovers of Cannabis, whether it be recreational or medical. We are focused on building a diverse community of people who share the same interest and belief in the plant so many of us love. Further spreading knowledge on the benefits of Marijuana to the world through our decentralized project. Bringing together those who may oppose the idea with smokers to ultimately better our society, while creating a platform to be oneself and allow full expression as well as rewards through arts, staking, tokenomics and The Stoney Game.Earn token daily by holding & farming in our Metaverse game.The point that wants to be made and that will guide the project, concerns the authentication system that will be put in place. It will be an NFT authentication that will be provided to the brands through key codes. The codes will then be put on the back of a scratch-off sticker on a Cannabis bag for example. Once a bag is purchased, the code will be scratched off and entered in to the browser, an NFT will be airdropped corresponding to the purchased product and will allow tracing or tracking data from the package such as the original owner, previous owner, and if the company selects art for each NFT the rarity and value of the NFT art attached. The goal is to reduce the black market & street dealers from selling ripped off fake product from authentic brands. We’re not trying to stop people from putting food on the table. We are set out to stop shortcuts by replicating big brands and selling fake product.www.stoneynft.com

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