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Staracle NFT Christmas Drop

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

This year, we are celebrating the launch of our Staracle Stellar Smart Contract with a wonderful Christmas NFT drop. Our smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain is the first smart contract that assigns NFTs to astronomical objects in a well structured way. All ur NFTs are compliant to the ERC721 standard and can be traded on platforms like opensea. io. Starting December 1, we will mint one new cellestial object every day and publish it on this page. We will visit many wonders of the cosmos and end our journey at a wonderful cradle of the universe. Why are we doing this?Staracle is a free star naming service. Our main purpose is to allow everybody to name a star at no cost. While many other star naming companies charge a lot of money and give away the same stars over and over again, Staracle is proud to only give away unique stars! We have started our NFT project to document the uniqueness of a star in the Ethereum blockchain. Of course, it is not possible to own a star or any other astronomical objects. But our Staracle Stellar Smart Contract brings you as close as possible.

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