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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

What is Numbers? (Summary Version) Numbers is a collection of NFTs that has numbers from 1 to 222 as protagonists. During the Minting phase, as many copies of each issue will be issued as the number itself. Ex of the NFT the number #7 will be minted 7 copies, of the NFT number #20 will be minted 20 copies of the number 129 will be minted 129 copies and so on.The collection will therefore initially have a supply of 24753 pieces. The Blockchain on which it will be launched is POLYGON. As soon as the function is implemented, the holders will have the possibility to transfer their Number from POLYGON to ETHEREUM. Price: 0.01 ETH ETH Rules of the game The primary objective of the game is to be able to possess the number 1. Through the official website, holders of a Number have the possibility to Boost their NFT: decrease their Number by 1 Ex. Go from 5 to 4, from 30 to 29, from 150 to 149 and so on In order to Boost his number, the holder must be willing to: -Destroy another Number (Burn) -Pay the Boosting Fee Ex. I have a Number 7 and a Number 128, if I activate the Boosting process for Number 7, Number 128 will be destroyed and by paying the fee for the aforementioned Boosting I will get Number 6 Consequences of the game The consequences of the Boost mechanism are 2: -The supply will decrease due to the Burn of other Numbers -At each Boost the number represented will be modified, and therefore the initial condition will be altered for which of each number there are as many copies as the number itself. Ex. if you boost the number 10 this will become a 9, consequently the copies of the 10 will decrease to 9 and the copies of the 9 will increase to 10Benefits for holders of a Number The holders of a Number will receive a “Passive Income as a benefit: part of the “Boosting Fees will be distributed proportionally to the holders of a Number. So the Number 1s will get the largest % distribution of passive income,% which will decrease as you move away.

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