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Ssjxmars : beyond m.A.R.S game

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Ssjxmars (beyond m.A.R.S game)Beyond m.A.R.S game is a collection of 15 characters and only 100 nfts for each character with a total of 1,500. (#1 worldwide open world shooter game)Currently, only 1 out of 15 characters are available.*5 super exclusive characters*10 exclusive characterFirst character Remedy is the 1st of 5 super exclusive characters.This entire collection is part of (gen 0-par) these are the original concept characters and will never minting in this form again. We will have an updated form of each character for the actual game which will make these the rarest collection of all.Upon purchasing & selling out, every nft purchase or donation will contribute to the production and marketing of the game. Purchasing any nfts from ssjxmars will automatically add you to the super galactic collectors club, as well as recieve exclusive merch from the 6mshop.(expected 2022 estimate floor price 45+ $eth for the super exclusive characters & 15 $eth for the exclusive characters )(rarity types below)- imrtlimmortal- gold exotic- purple legendary- blue rare- green uncommonwhite common- ? ogFirst super exclusive character already released 2/1/2022. We didn’t want to make it a whitelist/minting process for the first character since we wanted to give everyone a fair chance it was a surprise drop. First come first serve.More details will be released of the game to stay updated & know the next release of the next characters, sign up for our newsletters or check out our socials @ssjxmars. – (ps-our characters nfts are on polygon blockchain gas free)Join our new discord!

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