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Spooky Heads

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Spooky Heads is a project created based on a universe where, due to devastating chaos, the characters lost their heads and are now just walking bodies. And now you, like a headless one, must find your own head, one that suits you, represents you and gives you the skills to be the head king of this universe.They are unique pieces created one by one by our illustrator, seeking to represent the personality of a particular character in each art, creating variety in each of them.It will be only 150 NFT pieces, dividing the collection into three mint phases. 0.05 ETH is the initial minting price, then, it will be increased.The first mint date is June 1, having 3 giveaways on the following dates: May 15, May 30 and June 15, 2022.Find our roadmap on Discord, and be part of the Spooky Heads community. We will wait for you!Bonus: there will be 6 rare pieces after each mint phase. In some, we will draw the puppies that will be benefit from our donations to an animal shelter in Cali Colombia.

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