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Spiritual Goats

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

A collection of 3333 Spiritual Goats on the Solana blockchain.We aspire to reward Spiritual Goats holders with utility, including passive income and future perks as our community grows and brand flourishes.https://twitter.com/SpiritualGoatshttps://discord.gg/Mp4eaSyMUtilityThe main utility of our collection is $ZENERGY. Holders of Spiritual Goats will be rewarded with daily airdrops of $ZENERGY tokens.Mental Health Initiative FundAs founders of Spiritual Goats, we have high recognition and concern over mental health issues, which we all have experience with. That’s why Spiritual Goats aim to aid others through their own spiritual journeys. This explains why we hope to set up the Mental Health Initiative Fund in the form of a community-led DAO. Holders of Spiritual Goats will be able to vote for donations and directions of the fund.Spirits of the Mountains (SoM)An NFT that is synonymous with whitelisting. A total of 222 Spirits of the Mountain will be available as giveaways throughout our marketing campaigns to grow our Twitter and Discord community. The collection will be listed so whitelist spots can be sold between wallets. We believe this will be a more valuable reward for early participants in our giveaways, hence will increase traction. SoM is also more than a whitelist spot, they will also carry similar utility to the Spiritual Goats collection.

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