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Space Pigs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Who cares. The Space Pigs don’t. 10000 Space Pigs in four squads, led by generals who really don’t care. 0.1 ETH each, 0.05 ETH for whitelist slots. To join your whitelist invite 15 people on twitter.We are a team of two artists and one programmer. Our background is animation and game development. A couple of years ago we made a cartoon short film as a university project. Now, after a few years, with a lot more experience we think we can do even better.Our goal is to develop and produce a community based web cartoon series starring the Space Cops and possibly the main characters of the original cartoon short. We will see. We want to develop the series with you!We love series like Rick and Morty and Futurama and want to create a similary crazy universe together with you. We will develop an animation production pipeline with the goal to produce high quality content as fast as possible. The pipeline will include as much realtime and 3D production as the art style will allow. So that you don’t have to wait to long to see the series. We will keep the community up to date and will share concept art and will give you a deep insight into our production pipeline in form of DevLogs. We hope to teach you something about 3D design, animation, rendering and production on the way. Let’s create something great!

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