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Sound of Color by ThankYouX x Hans Zimmer

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Fine Artist, painter, and creative director ThankYouX teamed up with German film composer, known for his soundtracks for films and computer games Hans Zimmer for an NFT Collection. Titled ‘Sound of Color’, it drops on contemporary auction house PHILLIPS. The collection features three unique NFTs, offered separately. They tell the story of an artistic journey as it evolves over time. The visuals of each NFT feature the abstract cube imagery by ThankYouX paired with a unique musical score created specifically for the project by the award-winning composer Hans Zimmer. In addition, Hans Zimmer was also involved in both the visual animations and the painting that accompanies one of the individual NFTs where his physical mark can be seen. This NFT Collection is a true joint venture between the two creators. Mark your calendars for July 20th not to miss a great collaboration by ThankYouX and Hans Zimmer!”Art will be the thing that saves us. ” ‘Sound of Color’ is a series of NFTs created through a groundbreaking collaboration between contemporary artist ThankYouX and renowned film score composer Hans Zimmer. Open for bidding 20-23 July. Learn more: https://t. co/W57Wzrrqc0 pic. twitter. com/KPNdqMh2G0— PHILLIPS (@phillipsauction) July 16, 2021

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