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Sons of Solana

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Sons of Solana is 5,555 deflationary PFP in a NFT format.Minting for 1.5 SolanaA DAO run project with real world revenues built on the Solana ecosystem. With the main venture already under development and another waiting approval in our first DAO proposal post launch.The primary utility is offering NFT minting cover client portal platform built on one of the NYSE biggest software platforms with 70% of gross profits going to the DAO Fund.BETA testing is planned for summer 2022 with the aim to be fully running by Autumn 2022.Staking option planned to work alongside our holders lottery where you can buy raffle tickets with your tokens to win great prizes such as, NFTs, Whitelists and events.DAO Teams challenges where you compete against the other teams through various challenges and trivia set by the DEVS within the DAO for weekly control and bragging rights, having control gives you great perks and benefits!

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