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SolSpray by 69 Sol Street

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Street art meets the Metaverse. This is the start of something new, something exciting, and something different. We understand that the value behind NFT projects are much more powerful than just ‘making money’ (although we love making money) and that NFT’s are still not utilized how they could be. We aim to change that and quickly bring real value, exposure and utility to street artists and the wider art community as a whole, this will be done through creating a thriving ecosystem to bridge the gap between art on the street and art in the Metaverse. Our plan is to harness and unleash what’s truly capable from NFT’S and empower our community and audience alike. Some of the short and longer-term goals include our utility token (already under testing) to pay our community rewards and commissioning artists works via ourselves or the community, our own Metaverse which is a thriving and bustling metropolis of culture, art, and engagement, just like the streets of your favorite city!Rewards, check. A utility token, check. Our own Metaverse, check. Opportunity to be part of something big, check!

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