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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

8888 SolKongz roaming the solana blockchain created by six NFT enthusiast. SolKongz is the maiden project for the SolKongz team. The SolKongz team are focusing heavily on community engagement , community growth and genarally keeping the community pleased. The entire team is heavily invested in making SolKongz as interesting and fun as possible. There are many plans for the future of SolKongz with alot yet to be announced. ROADMAPChapter 1 – CountdownThe SolKongz discord is launched and the community starts to grow. The SolKongz website is launched soon after the discord. Chapter 2 – Takeoff10000$ will be allocated for contests and giveaways exclusively for SolKongz hodlers to increase community engagement and interest. We start cooperating with other projects, giving SolKongz owners exclusive benefits. Chapter 3 – OrbitThe Community Fund is launched with 25000$. The community will be able to develop utility, art, memes etc. The best submissions receive funding. Chapter 4 – ApproachDevelopment of the breeding function begins, allowing hodlers to breed 2 SolKongz to make a BabyKong. The BabyKongz will have their own set of utilities in the future. Chapter 5 – The MoonAn additional 25000$ added to The Community Fund. 50000$ is donated to a charity chosen by the community. Parts of the aftermarket royalties will be used to sweep the floor. Event date is not accurate!

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