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Sol Demons

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Sol Demons is a Solana NFT project. 8888 Sol Demons have been created and each one is a entry for 1 vote into our DAO. DAO will be in control of a community wallet that will have a percent of mint, future mints and royalties deposited into it. Community Wallet will also have 10 Solsand NFTs, 1 Crypto Gang NFT, 1 Metavillage NFTand more from our future mint plans. DAO will vote on how to use all community funds, what to do with all the NFTs and to sell/lease/develop all the metaverse land. After mint is complete founders will start working on stage 2. Companions for the Sol Demons. Companions will give DAO members extra votes and stake in the DAO. After Companions mint is complete DAO will help us in some aspects of our next stage. Only DAO members will be informed on the final stage of this project. Fully Doxed Team. Come Join our community, mint a Sol Demon and have a actual vote in the future of your investment.

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