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Socially Wasted by Musketon

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On August 10, visual artist from Belgium, Musketon drops the ‘Socially Wasted’ NFT Collection on MakersPlace. Musketon is an artist who is interested in exploring social themes and bringing it to life through his bright, bold, and distinct style. He is known for extreme attention to detail, therefore, the viewers are recommended to zoom in his artworks as close as possible to get the full story. “Zoom in up to 64000% on my work to still discover new details. ” – says the artist. Musketon has already collaborated with brands such as Mazda, Nike, The Chainsmokers, Coca-Cola, MTV, just to name a few. ‘Socially Wasted’, dropping on August 10th, is the collection that explores a dystopian future. “Corporate takeovers and personal data spill, in this series Musketon takes us on a trip into a very possible dystopian future. Will we become our own demise? A poignant message delivered through bold color and vivid imagery. ” Add the drop to your calendars not to miss when it goes live!

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