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Smoking Ape Gun Club Lauch | Telsa Giveaway

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

8,888 Smoking Ape NFTs will be dropped into the Metaverse and only the strongest will survive. They are unique digital collectables stored on the blockchain. Your Smoking Ape collectable doubles as a membership card to our Gun Club. Although other members are welcome, their access will be extremely limited. These exclusive memberships come with perks that will be announced with the opening of the world’s First Virtual Gun Club. You think we just hopped into an entirely new universe without protection? We never leave the house without a little back up. We may not know all the rules here, but that won’t stop us from exercising our right to bear arms. We’re here to play. Bring out your Big Guns and let’s have some fun! We will also be hosting parties and events in 2022 in major cities at their local gun clubs. https://smokingapegunclub. com

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