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Smiling Muns

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

SmilingMuns is a collection of 300 NFTs. The freshest living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every Mun is made by hand, one by one, making them unique and not just a bunch of randomized designs.We’re starting in the NFT market, and expecting to have success, not just for us but for the entire MUN’s Club. to be a part of the club mint your mun.ROAD MAP-(March 15th) Season 1 drop: we’ll release our first 300 muns at Open Sea.-(April 1st) Season 2 development starts-(June 1st) Season 2 drop: season 2 will have another 300 muns, expecting to have new designs.-(June 15th) Final season development starts-(September 1st) Final season drop: with new 400, having more designs.Meanwhile we’re working on this proyect some ideas will be in discussion. If we have success at this proyect this ideas could become a thing. We’re talking about a clothing line, our own crypto currency and even more benefits for all the MUN’s Club members.Maybe we’re not the Bored ape yacht club, Maybe we’re not Cryptopunks, But al the Muns we make are made with all the heart that is possible.

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