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Sloth Warriors

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Welcome to the Sloth Warriors Collection!These incredibly cute 10,000 Sloth Warrior NFTs are soon arriving on the Ethereum Blockchain battleground. These chill and droopy-eyed sloths are here to fight against the extinction of their species.Looking adorable in kilts, hats and spears, our Sloth Warriors have unique traits. Some have rarities and are even more fun. Whats more, we love being different and so our sloths have not 2, not 3 but 4 fingers!Watch out for the public sale of Sloth Warriors at 0.06 ETH on March 28th. Your sloth isnt just a piece of art. 20% of earnings from this veteran owned project go towards conservation of endangered species.Its a community for you folks!With the launch of Sloth Warriors NFT series, our earnings will be reinvested to create opportunities for writers and creators like you. Expand this universe of warriors with characters, storylines and video games. With a successful release of Sloth Warriors, we hope to release more series (such as Bear Warriors). Sounds exciting?Prepare to get your Sloth Warrior now!

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