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Sleepy Kangaroos

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Sleepy Kangaroos are a collection of 8,765 NFTs, revolutionising the bridge between the mobile app and blockchain technologies. Theyll be launching on the Ethereum blockchain on March 6, with 234 unique and hand-drawn traits. Each Sleepy Kangaroo doubles as a valuable asset, and your pass to our Web 3 powered mobile app and interactive experiences. The app will be available on/shortly after the mint, and flaunts a range of emerging technologies including AR (augmented reality) and machine learning which enable our NFT breeding and trading platform.The Sleepy Kangaroos are also innovating on the concept of NFT breeding, where holders of multiple Kangaroos can choose to breed their NFTs and earn additional Baby Joey NFTs. This process will be powered by a custom genetic algorithm built by the team, enabling the inheritance of rare traits and natural selection. From there, the P2E experience will begin with the family of Roos ready to grow!The community will gain access to airdrops, project merchandise, and many more features we release throughout the future of the project. Welcome to the #RooCrew!

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