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Silvers Pre-sale

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Silvers is an exclusive collection that features strikingly fierce warriors — a visual marvel thats guaranteed to give you goosebumps. They are ferocious, powerful, and intriguingly fantastical figures, all hand-drawn with incredible detail. Created at night, the collection has consumed hundreds of hours of creative work to bring these magnificent beasts to life. The extraordinary digital masterpieces that make up the Silvers collection are a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition for any NFT art collector or investor. Pre-saleEach Silver is priced at 0. 166 ETH. But during the presale period 1-11 Nov, you can reserve a Silver with an incredible 70% discount at just 0. 05 ETH. So, by the time theyre minted, your investment would have already multiplied in value. And itll only go up from there. After all, its an exclusive collection with limited pieces. Plus, youre covered by the First NFT Lab buyback guarantee. So, its a 100% risk-free investment. Then dont forget the free gift, exclusive to all first buyers. But the items on offer during presale are limited, and theyre getting reserved fast. So, head off to the OpenSea collection page to check whats still available. Remember, only the first offer for 0. 05 ETH guarantees a reservation, and there is a limit of one reservation per person. And please dont forget to set a proper expiration date so the offer is still active when minting.

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