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Sigma DAO x Monkeys

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

WHITELIST OPEN NOWSigma Monkeys Genesis is a collection of 2222algorithmically generated Monkeys hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Flex, buy, sell and trade your monkeys that each provide special unique abilities.Sigma Monkeys will cost ETH 0.088 and the will be have different rarities and traits which gives special powers to our users in the community. These Monkeys will form the Council for Sigma DAO and guide the direction of the project’s future.The entire project will have 8888 Sigma Monkey’s in total that will be hosted on IPFS and offer perks to our ecosystem.We will be hosting AMA’s and live giveaways throughout the entirety of this event.Users that hold the Genesis Monkeys will receive access to special perks and utility within the Sigma DAO ecosystem that we are building out. You can learn more about it at https://sigmadao.comSigma DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that is one of the fastest growing play-to-earn guilds and NFT investment communities in the cryptocurrency space.MONKEY PERKS-Token airdrops in our native token ($SIGMA) and also ($ETH/$USDT)-Access to all future NFT drops-Access to our exclusive community of NFT airdroppers, traders and cryptocurrency experts-Exclusive invites to events across Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, South East Asia)-Access to analytics and decentralized scholarship / NFT rental marketplaces-Token launchpad events and allocation to new investments in the metaverse-Co-investment opportunities+ much much more!!

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