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Shooter: from A to Z Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Are you the one who spends a while playing shooters? We bet you didnt know a shooter alphabet existed. What about an NFT shooter alphabet? Thats a blast, nah?Check out the NFT collection “Shooter: from A to Z developed by WePlay Collectibles, based on a true meme story! One letter — one word from a shooter game. Collect them all or choose the special one you like the most and become the owner of a cool collection your teammates will be jealous of. Participation in the auction is a chance to support esports in general. WePlay Collectibles endorses budding esports teams, so half of the total token sales of this collection will go towards cheering up the team that lost in the finals as the Runner-up Award within the WePlay Academy League Season 2 – more infohttps://go. weplayholding. com/vjotrProject is subject to Terms and Conditions of WePlay Collectibles, check the linkhttps://weplaycollectibles. com/terms-of-service/

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