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Shibabets Casino Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Shibabets Casino Club is a Members Only collection of 7,777 unique 3D Metaverse ready Shiba avatars on the Ethereum Blockchain. Holders of the genesis collection of ShibaBets NFTs will gain exclusive access to our Live Action Virtual Casino and Metaverse .We want to build the strongest community and project around our members – which is why we have put a heavy focus on the community to build our ShibaBets Casino Metaverse Ecosystem.Entering into the ShibaBets Community means joining a family full of investors and NFT enthusiasts who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. All holders of the ShibaBets NFT will be owners of the ShibaBets Casino receiving royalties distributed from the Casino Treasury.RoadMap:Genesis NFT CollectionLaunch of our mech & exclusive eventCasino Launch (Members Only)High Roller ShibaBetsSBCC MetaverseJoin the ShibaBets Community and become a member of the strongest and fastest-growing NFT community – Let’s shape the future of web3.0

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