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Sheep Awakening Holders Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Sheep awakening holders club is a collection of 10,000 unique sheep awakening NFTs, randomly generated and secured as erc-721 tokens on the polygon blockchain. Plenty of variations on a full-body scale! Clothes, weapons, items, perks, sheep fleece, etc., makes the nfts extremely rare and desirable.The main utility is that a sheep awakening NFTs grants the holder exclusive access to a future digital club inside the metaverse.Our strategy25% minted – 3 eth giveaway to 3 awakened holders + 3 eth buyback to raise the floor price50% minted – 5 eth giveaway to 5 awakened holders + 5 eth buyback to raise the floor price75% minted – 7 eth giveaway to 7 awakened holders + 7 eth buyback to raise the floor price100% minted – 10 eth giveaway to 10 awakened holders + 10 eth buyback to raise the floor price

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