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Secret Teddy Society

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Secret Teddy Society is a collection of 500 teddy bears. Having one will give you access to EXCLUSIVE just react weekly giveaways, an exclusive weekly gaming session with the team and holders, that goes on YouTube and more…You can vote what games to play and what servers to play, multiplayer of course!Roadmap-Sale + Listing-10 SOL raffle split among 10 people react giveaway-Sales bot and grape verification -Private giveaways for holders, NO BS just react to enter that includes SOL, CSGO -and rust skins and more!-Private chat for holders and start of exclusive gaming sessions where you choose the game and play with others, content gets uploaded to YouTube, money sharedTo add, the NFT collecton will be owned by a Limited Company based in the UK called RichOwl Studios Limited, Company Number 13999202. We aren’t here to rug but to be long-term and build an amazing community.

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